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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

With Biocomposites made from crop-waste


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint.

With Biocomposites made from crop-waste


Bio-Materials for now and the future generations


For durable products

Biocomposites with up-to 50% crop-waste such as bamboo, rice husk, starch and olefin based binders. Benefits of BioDur includes affordable sustainability, reduced CO2 emissions, light weight with better properties. Suitable for automotive, houseware, furniture, toys, etc.


For compostable products

Biocomposites with up-to 100% crop-waste & fast-renewable content such as bamboo, rice husk and compostable binders. Suitable for home and industrial composting. Typical applications include disposables, packaging, houseware, toys, consumer products, etc.

Truly Sustainable Materials

Sustainability is about striking the right balance across Social, Ecological and Economic impact. They are pivotal to everything we do; underpins every decision we make, every action we take and as a result it will be the key outcome of every engagement.

Engineering nature to need with infinite possibilities

Abundant supply of crop-waste

Experience in using crop-waste and fast-renewables from farm, factory and forest. These include and not limited to bamboo, coir, rice husk, coffee husk, spent barley, wood chips, coffee grounds, pine needles and much more.

Multiple grades for diverse needs

More than 200 grades of biocomposite materials to suite every need of modern business and consumer lifestyle. Limitless possibilities & yet we are happy to develop new grades if it is necessary to meet your specific needs.

Inspiring tomorrow’s products

Get our biocomposite material working for your products

Digital technologies to maximise your value

Artificial Intelligence

To choose the right material

We automated the process of choosing right biocomposite material for your requirements. We developed ML & AI technologies to make the right choice from more than 500 formulations and 100K possibilities.


For transparency and trust

We use our proprietary blockchain, mobile & cloud technologies to track the source of raw materials, product history, sustainability footprint & safety certificates. You can use this information to create trust in your products.

Helping companies and consumers achieve their sustainability goals

Speak to our experts, let’s build a sustainable future together

Looking for the right sustainable solution may not be an easy task. We are happy to support you with the material selection, processing, product engineering, mould development, part manufacturing and provide clarifications about our materials.

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