Our Digital Portfolio

Using digital technologies to create trust & accountability

Our Digital Portfolio

Using digital technologies for trust and accountability

Blockchain technology for trust and accountability

We are the pioneers in using blockchain technology to track and trace the biocomposites materials and stewardship of resources used to make the biocomposites material. Blockchain technology enables us to share information transparently about the history of our biocomposites material, their sustainability footprint and other details. The technology can be further extended to share the history of final products made with our biocomposites.

  • Immutable data

  • Secure data

  • Auditable data

  • Android & IOS compatible

  • Anytime and anywhere

  • Unique QR Code for ID

  • Central repository

  • High availability

  • Future scalability

Artificial Intelligence for making the right decisions

We are the pioneers in using artificial intelligence to determine the right formulation for biocomposites based on diverse set of requirements from customers. The nature of requirements varies for different products and it is often time consuming to determine the right biocomposite matrix for each application. We have developed artificial intelligence which makes our life easy to decide from more than 100K possibilities.

  • Minimum human dependency

  • More than 100K possibilities

  • Enable informed decision making

  • Reduce trial and error

  • Enable right first time

  • Prevent common pitfalls

  • Learn from other trials

  • Always updated with new research

  • Get better over time

Speak to our experts, let’s build a sustainable future together

Looking for the right sustainable solution may not be an easy task. We are happy to support you with the material selection, processing, product engineering, mould development, part manufacturing and provide clarifications about our materials.

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