Automotive & Transport: Vehicles made lighter & greener!

Automotive and transportation industry is under tremendous pressure to reduce carbon emission and use renewable materials for a sustainable future. Carbon emission can be reduced by reducing the vehicle weight, which is possible through use of composites. With our biocompounds, we can help automotive manufacturers to achieve their sustainability targets.

The key benefits of using our biocompounds are –

  • Reduce part weight, hence reduce carbon emission
  • Replace or reduce use of plastics
  • Increase use of renewable resources
  • Improve aesthetics
  • Improve NVH and reduce VOC

These benefits are important to the traditional combustion engine vehicles and electric vehicles.

Disposables: Biodegradable products

Disposable products such as carry bags, cutlery, food containers need to use biodegradable materials as a result of the landfill and ocean pollution threat caused by plastic disposables. Now you can continue to use your investment in plastic disposable manufacturing infrastructure as our materials can be processed like traditional plastic with minimum modifications to the process.

The key benefits of using our biocompounds are –

  • Increased use of renewable resources
  • Reduced cost
  • Suitable for food contact use
  • Have different grades to suite your varying needs

We have different grades suitable for cutlery, food containers, plates, cups and bowls. Write to us for product data sheets.

Home and Office: Durable & Earth-Friendly

Plastic are commonly used in several products at home, office, hotels, retail outlets, etc. Through our biocompounds, we help reduce or replace use of plastics and increase use of fast-renewable resources such as bamboo, rice husk and starch.

Key benefits of using Spectalite materials are –

  • Reduce carbon footprint and landfill. Also protect fossil resources developed over several thousands of years.
  • Compared to plastics commonly used, our materials offer upto 100% better strength, stiffness and thermal stability.
  • Our materials support glossy and mat appearance. The products made with our materials looks and feels closer to nature.
  • Does not contain formaldehyde, melamine, bpa, toxic chemicals.
  • Most of our materials are suitable for microwave and dishwasher use.