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Sustainable solutions for a greener garden, nursery and farm

Use of plastics in the garden, nursery and the agricultural farm has grown in the last couple of decades due to the versatility, light weight and cost effective solutions. However, many of these products have short shelf life and often discarded in open area causing pollution. Using our bio-based and biodegradable materials, you have solutions to avoid the usual concerns with plastic products.

Gardening Pots

Beautiful and eco-friendly

Eco-friendly pots made with agri-waste and fast-renewable materials will definitely make your home and garden greener.

  • Eco-friendly with up to 50% bio content such as bamboo, rice husk

  • Durable and light weight

  • Refreshing and natural feel and appearance

Nursery Pots

Pots that biodegrade under soil

Make pots used in the nursery to grow, store and sell plants. By using pots made with our BioPur biocompound that biodegrade in soil, you are not required to remove the plans from the plan, hence increase the plant survival when placed in the garden.

  • Increase plant survival in the garden

  • Avoid pollution due to plastic

  • Eco-friendly and sustainable with up-to 100% bio content

Mulch Films

Soil biodegradable mulch films

Mulch films, usually made with plastic help improve the agricultural yield and productivity. However, they are often discarded in the farm resulting in pollution. Make soil biodegradable mulch films suitable for agricultural use.

  • Soil biodegradable

  • Durable and strong

  • Safe and sustainable

Root Trainers

Durable and reusable root trainers

Root trainers are currently made with traditional plastic materials. Using our BioDur biocompounds, root trainers can be made more sustainable due to reduced resources depletion and increase in durability.

  • Strong and durable

  • Can be made seamlessly with current plastic moulds and infrastructure

  • Can use BioDur and BioPur depending on the desired product end of life

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Consumers are constantly looking for sustainable products, however their expectations are quite diverse. We will be happy to support you with the material selection, processing, product engineering and provide clarifications about our materials.

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