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High-performance, made by nature!

The global industry is heavily demanding materials that significantly weigh less, are durable and ecologically efficient while presenting interesting mechanical properties. Within this scope, natural fibers are highly valued since they come at low cost, are recyclable and biodegradable, can easily be processed and have a very low density.

The potential of using bamboo fibers as technical reinforcements in composites has shown the biggest potential amongst all natural fibers, mainly because of their abundant availability, best specific properties and constant qualities.

Bamboo grows mainly in emerging countries and thus, its tremendous potential as a technical fiber has not been tapped by the global industry yet. We were one of the first to spot the gap in the market.

Advantages compared to other natural and synthetic fibers, at a glance:

  • low density, light-weight
  • best specific mechanical properties
  • complete bio-degradability
  • constant qualities
  • good insulation properties and thermal inertia
  • good vibration damping behaviour
  • hydrophilic behaviour, good water uptake
  • non-abrasiveness during manufacturing
  • rodent free
  • low carbon footprint
  • low cost

The list is so long, we could just continue …