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Sustainable And Guilt-Free Materials


Truly Sustainable Materials

Sustainability is a subject of everyone’s interest. For us, sustainability is about striking the right balance across Social, Ecological and Economic impact. They are pivotal to everything we do; underpins every decision we make, every action we take and as a result it will be the key outcome of every engagement.

We have the widest range of sustainable materials. They are classified under two categories – BioDur and BioPur.

Biocompounds for products good to be recycled after use.

Biocompounds with up-to 50% fast-renewable content such as bamboo, rice husk, starch and olefin based binders. Benefits of these biocompounds includes affordable sustainability, light weight with better mechanical and thermal properties. Typical applications include automotive, consumer goods, houseware, storage & logistics, furniture to name a few.


Biocompounds made to biodegrade naturally.

Biocompounds with up-to 100% fast-renewable content such as bamboo, rice husk and starch, minerals and biodegradable binders. A wide range of biocompounds suitable for flexible and rigid applications are available. Typical applications include disposables, packaging, houseware, toys, consumer products to name a few.

Help industries and consumers achieve their sustainability goals.

Speak to our experts now. Lets build a sustainable future together.

Looking for the right sustainable solution may not be an easy task. We will be happy to support you with the material selection, processing, product engineering, mould development, part manufacturing and provide clarifications about our materials.

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