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Make plastics better, naturally with BioDur

Plastic is a miracle material – it is one of the best innovations of mankind. Thanks to plastics, many lives have been saved in health sector, facilitated growth of clean energy, and safe food storage has been revolutionised. Through BioDur, it is our humble effort to make plastics better using agri-waste and fast renewable materials like bamboo, rice husk and starch. BioDur aids the plastic industry to make sustainable products reducing carbon footprint and conserving resources, hence addressing the top most environmental challenge we face – climate change!

BioDur biocompounds can be used readily with traditional plastic processing machines and moulds such as injection moulding, thermoforming, extrusion and blow moulding.

BioDur 1

Injection Moulding

Use existing injection moulding machines and moulds to make sustainable products using BioDur biocompounds. Choose between high impact and high stiffness grades to suite varying product requirements.

BioDur 2


Make sheets from the BioDur biocompounds and thermoform them into various products with thickness starting from as low as 1 mm. Typical applications include automotive interiors, packaging and home interiors.

BioDur 3


Beautiful extruded profiles can be made with BioDur biocompounds, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

BioDur 4

Blow Moulding

Make flexible and rigid packaging products using blow moulding process with BioDur biocompounds.

BioDur biocompounds are now widely accepted and commercialised across various prominent industries.

Better than wood, better than plastics. Our biocompounds combines the best of both!

Relative Performance Comparison

Relative Sustainability Comparison

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