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About us

At Spectalite we have developed innovative technologies that enable us to use the incredible strength of bamboo to address some of the modern day challenges like Sustainability, Environment-hazard, Light-weighting and Cost-competitiveness. Spectalite manufactures Bamboo Fiber Composite materials, suitable for making products such as Automotive Interiors, Houseware, Consumer products, Construction, Toys, Packaging, Sports & Rec parts.

We have grown into a trusted, globally operating unified group to enable organizations keen to use high-tech, bio-based, light weight composite materials for their products.

We are present in all major markets: India, China, Europe and North-America and still eager to grow further.

We supply you with

  • bamboo fiber composite materials (compounds, mats, smart reinforcements, organosheets, prepregs) suitable for various applications across different industries; we also have 100% bio-based composite materials in our portfolio.
  • engineering services to develop or upgrade innovative products based on Bamboo Fiber Composite materials in compliance with industrial specifications.
  • training on our materials and manufacturing processes.
  • launch support and help to find the right partner to manufacture your new products.