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About us

We have developed innovative technologies that enable us to use fast-renewable resources such as bamboo, rice husk and starch to address some of the modern day challenges like sustainability, health and environment-hazard. We manufacture bio-compounds, suitable for making products such as automotive interiors, houseware, consumer products, toys, packaging and disposables.

Our Spectabio grades of bio-compounds help you develop products that biodegrade naturally in a compost after use. They are made up of up-to 100% bio-based content.

Our Spectadur grades of bio-compounds help you reduce plastic and the products you develop are easily recycled like any other plastic. They are made up of up-to 50% bio-based content.

We help you with

  • supply of our sustainable bio-compounds
  • customise sustainable bio-compounds for your specific needs
  • development and manufacture of finished products through our manufacturing partners