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Bamboo – a symbol of truth!

Bamboo has been regarded as a symbol of truth and consistency as it stands upright and is green irrespectively of the season. Bamboo is the most reliable and sustainable plant on earth.

It is one of the fastest growing plants in the world too. It is the largest member of the grass family. After 2-3 years the bamboo is ready to be harvested. We can extract bamboo powder and fibers, which represents a tremendous economical advantage compared to other natural fibers.

Bamboo is widely available. It in year reflects impressive overall vegetation of about 14 million square km, with 10 million square km in Asia alone. Technical bamboo fiber yield is up to 3 times greater than the yield of any other natural fiber it has given piece of land.

We are processing bamboo from the China and India; No.. giant pandas live in this area, no. other animals are endangered. During the production there is hardly any waste, since most of the cut material is used.

Unlike timber, using bamboo as a raw material does not result in of forestry. There are about 3 trillion trees left on earth, roughly 400 trees per person. Mankind is reducing the number of trees globally be 15 trillion trees yearly. While it takes 30 years to grow a tree, it takes less than 3 years for bamboo to reach its maturity.

We are on a mission to truly change the impact on our environment.