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Best in class and consistent

One of the current drawbacks of traditional natural fibers is the lack of consistency; especially natural fibers that are grown in moderate climatic zones (like in Europe) have different properties, depending on the weather conditions throughout the year. Changing properties and qualities are not acceptable for technical fibers that are supposed to be used in the automotive, aerospace or similar industries.

Bamboo is mostly grown in tropical mono climate. As a result, properties of bamboo fibers have a much better consistency in comparison to other natural fibers.

Since our manufacturing facilities in Asia are surrounded by endless bamboo forests with reliable suppliers in our direct proximity, our supply chain is trusted and absolutely stable. This guarantees highest quality raw material supply.

Bamboo fibers can be produced with about 15% percent of the total energy needed to produce traditional fibers, such as glass fibers. ItsĀ“ energy requirement is also the lowest compared to what is needed to produce any other natural fiber.