Materials for Disposables & Packaging


Disposables & Packaging

Suitable for cutlery, containers, bags & straws

Make guilt-free disposable & packaging products

More than 180 countries have signed up to stop using single use plastic products, which usually includes disposables and packaging products. Additionally, companies and countries are committed to reduce carbon footprint that requires products and their packaging to be carbon efficient. Offering the versatility and scalability of plastics, our BioPur biocomposites are great alternatives to plastics where composting is the preferred end of life for the products and packaging. Our BioDur biocomposites can help reduce plastic and carbon footprint for products and packaging that has long shelf life and can be recycled after use.

One of European sports equipment manufacturer chooses to use BioPur to package their products and prevent them from damages caused during storage and transport.

Disposable Cutlery

Most sustainable alternative to plastic

Many millions of disposable cutlery products are sold every day across the globe. Our BioPur biocompounds are one of the most sustainable and suitable alternatives to plastics disposable cutleries.

  • Spoons, forks, knives, sporks

  • Plates, bowls, cups

  • Food delivery and storage containers

Rigid Packaging

Suitable for rigid packaging

Using BioDur biocomposites, rigid packaging can now be made with reduced carbon footprint and conserving resources. Compostable rigid packaging can be made using BioPur biocomposites.

  • Cosmetic packaging

  • Personal care packaging

  • Food packaging

Semi-flexible Packaging

Make bio-based semi-flexible packaging

For semi-flexible packaging applications compostable solutions are possible with BioPur biocomposites. Where the shelf life of the packaging products are required to be longer, BioDur biocomposites material based products can be considered.

  • Personal care packaging

  • Cosmetic packaging

  • Consumer goods packaging

Films & Bags

Films, bags and rolls made compostable

Bags, films and much more related flexible packaging products can be made with BioPur biocompounds. They are suitable for food contact use applications.

  • Carry bags for retail and industrial use

  • Protective covering for garments and other products

Most sustainable alternative to single use plastic products.

Cutlery - Relative Comparison

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Automotive OEMs have very specific expectations from material properties based on their target use, resulting in a complex process to find suitable sustainable alternatives. We will be happy to support you with the material development, processing, product engineering and provide clarifications about our materials.

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