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Mopeds to Mass Transport Going Green

Plastics used in autmotive vehicles continues to grow as they make the vehicles lighter, safer, affordable and durable. Replacing traditional plastics with our bamboo fiber composites enable you to make the vehicles greener by conserving precious resources and having negative carbon footprint across product lifecycle.

One of top 3 global automotive OEMs use our bamboo fiber composites to make interior parts with reduced carbon footprint across product lifecycle!


Transforming emerging markets.

Millions of two-wheelers are sold every month in growing and emerging markets, with each having between 1 to 5 kgs of plastic. Our BioDur biocomposites are approved by one of the leading OEMs after detailed technical qualification process. They are also tested to withstand adverse weatherability conditions.

  • Front, side, inner, rear and center covers

  • Luggage, tools and storage box

  • Seat, mirror and light housings

Passenger Vehicles

Light weighting naturally

On an average about 100 kgs of plastics us used in passenger vehicles. The electric vehicles further increase the plastics use to increase performance and range. Our BioDur biocomposites are approved to be used for certain automotive interior parts by one of the top 3 global automotive OEMs. They are tested to match the major European and Japanese automotive standards, including VOC.

  • Instrument panel, door trims and center console

  • Parcel shelf, seat back, door sill

  • Air duct, glove box

Mass Transport

Make public commute greener.

Mass transport such as bus, train and airlines use conventional and engineered plastics to reduce weight and increase durability. Evaluation and qualification of our BioDur biocomposites is in progress by one of the leading mass transport OEMs.

  • Instrument panel, door trims, partition panels

  • Luggage floor, storage box, battery carrier

  • Seat structures, side walls,

Replace fillers such as talc, calcium carbonate and glass fibers with bamboo fibers. Improve part performance, reduce weight, reduce cost and turn greener.


Tensile Strength (MPA)

Flexural Modulus (MPA)

Head Deflection Temperature (Deg C @ 1.88 MPA)

Speak to our experts now. Lets build a sustainable future together.

Automotive OEMs have very specific expectations from material properties based on their target use, resulting in a complex process to find suitable sustainable alternatives. We will be happy to support you with the material development, processing, product engineering and provide clarifications about our materials.

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