Spectalite is recognised as a global innovation leader for sustainable materials by StartUs Insights

We are truly humbled to be featured in the list of top 10 innovative companies that provide sustainable materials by “StartUs Insights”, a global Data Science company headquartered in Austria. It is a testimony to our core competency with Biocomposites and the efforts put in research and development of value-added sustainable materials, products and solutions.

International Recognitions like these keep us motivated to work towards innovations, creating positive social, environmental and economic impact around the world.  Proud to share the link of the innovation trends of 2020 in the materials industry which features Spectalite in the top 10.


Adapting renewable and alternate resources into products and processes is becoming a necessity for manufacturing companies especially in the packaging, automotive, construction and other sectors. Sustainable materials are essential for operating a circular economy which is carbon neutral.  As consumers become more aware of their environmental impact and also the role they can play in lessening the same through positive actions, they will start demanding the same from their preferred brands.

We are committed to reducing carbon footprint, conserving resources and restoring biodiversity through our biocomposites technology. With our strong technology-led expertise we can be a catalyst in the quest for adoption of sustainable alternatives making it a win-win situation for all.

We would also like to thank our partners and customers who support us in harnessing the benefits of agri-waste, agro-industrial waste, forest waste and fast renewables and making a happy pact with the planet.